The Conquest of the Peak

Black & White

Catwoman in to the dark

In der dunklen Nacht begnet dir ein Katzen artiges Weib in voll Latex...

  • Client : Art Gallery
  • Service : Landscapes
  • Project : Black & White
Assimilating seemingly disparate sources and fusing it together is a new approach to art making. The uncertainty and novelty of creating something in a way depict the artists' perspectives and the birth of modern art.

When you analyze the history of painting, reaching back in time to artifacts from pre-historic humans, you will find it spans all cultures. Chronological it Is not but representing a continuous, though periodically disrupted tradition from Antiquity. The history of painting is certainly interesting and spans across cultures, continents and millennia. Until the early 20th century it relied primarily on representational, religious and classical motifs, after which it became purely abstract and conceptual. No wonder they gained the favor of the new generation.